Ep.61 Robotic Jackie Kennedy



The boys are finally back after a two month hiatus trying to find themselves as other creatures and beings in another dimension.


In the season 4 premier the knights go on a journey through tumblr and influence Dj squared to create an account for his own personal needs. Krotone shares his fishy hobbies and his awkwardly weird love for Flowerhorn cichlids and becomes sad when he discovers that nothing is shared with him through social media.

recorded last year 12/28/17

Ep.60 The party of Hallows Eve


The season 3 finale is finally here and in this episode you’ll need to watch your volume, seriously. Live recording of KoH podcast during veedo’s halloween party. With special guest Wolfgang Von Odio (odio art), A local Houston artist making his mark very strongly in our art community. You can find him on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and, Tumblr or, simply google Odio Art. The boys talk a shit ton of anime and discover all the things they have in common with Odio. 

A special thanks to New New Media for providing the video for our season finale. Be on the look out for our very first actual video of us!

Recorded on 10/28/17

Ep.56 Tomorru-Chan and Sun-Kun!

This week, you’ll get to see an oddside to our dark side as we talk The Last Jedi trailer and our thoughts on whats to come for the new Star Wars movie. Ling-Ling gets so bored he decides to leave during the show, mentally. Beer of the week is double once again with Anderson Valley Brewing Co. Fall Hornin’ Pumpkin ale and, Odell Brewing Isolation Ale. both great for the coming weather!

Recorded on 10/12/17