Ep.78 Chaztanamo Bay


Today the two koh boys are joined by their beer mooching buddy Tam-tam and a comrad who left cell block C to join them who goes by the codename Lord Voldemort.  He brings tales of ling-ling’s past that most were lost in the fire, metaphorically. We tried something knew and used one of our returning guest tweets to bring up interesting life choices. Explore deep into the realm of ASMR or the chills, people… it is just the chills. The old loveable George makes an interesting discovery and embarks on a quest to return the item to the desperate villager. We came to realization none of us fully understand geography works so stop asking. We get a lesson from Veedo on how to plug our official sponsor (news broke a week ago). They uproot lord voldemort’s deepest fears of his experience on the queen nathan. Rumors speak of Kanye Water but we guess it was swept under the rug. All of this and more inside this weeks episode, and remember kids. “Don’t go to jail, it is fucking boring.”

Ep.77 Ling-Ling wants justice for blow up dolls


In this episode the boys hangout with a man of adventure and tales, sorcery and evil, clever but foolish, you’ll see what we mean. 


A slow start for Veedo and Ling-Ling as they journey together as a duo, discussing Fallout 4 and Veedo’s twitch channel twitch.tv/veedothegray. The battle of the foam takes place as we watch to see who is the last man standing in the long fiecrce battle, the test of grip. The difference between Jim Adler (THE TEXAS HAMMER!) and his son Bill or Billiam Adler, the texas rubber mallet or the regular sized texas hammer. Lots of interesting topics on this brand spanking new fucking episode of this show you listen to!

Ep.76 A Gathering of Old Voices


In this episode Veedo is joined by some familiar voices, forefathers of this show, and they discuss a new show coming to YouTube called Fabletown. A fan made sequel to a very well known game by Telltale Games. The real debate on which is better for King Of The Hill, subs or dubs? Veedo becomes a part in a post apocalyptic  table top RPG called, Exodus.  Lots of action figure talk that hardly ever happens on the show. 

Ep.75 The Neighborhood Lawn Guys, The Return!


Holy Sh**t (shit) its our 75th episode!


*This episode is an old recording. We’re bad at putting things out and we appologize.*


In this episode Veedo and Ling-Ling are joined by a very old friend of Veedo’s from back in the day, Professor eX. Their journey takes them through the depths of Horizon Zero Dawn, where they fight robotic dinosaurs, explore the truth about the Yeager family (spoilers if you haven’t read the manga) and what lies beyond the basement door. 4v4 pvp shrek battle royale all voiced by mike myers, coming soon (never) to a console near you!



The boys are back with manabu to discus esrb ratings and the goodtimes that Squaresoft used to bring us. A huge movie discussion but big on the horror genre and how good the times were when you sat in front of the tv, playing animal crossing for days and not realize that the world around you exist. Mana shares stories of some wild hook ups in public. 

Special guest #Charliethecatt


We talk about the cat at the Dragons lair comic shop and get the name wrong, his name is actually Odin and not thor, sorry. 

Ep.73 That’s a wrap… spinach wrap!


Recorded:  *shrugs* who really knows. 

Kohpodcast Discord is go and muy fantastico! oh hey that rhymed unlike our podcast rap *sad face*

Ling-Ling is back after his battle for his house against the bed bugs and came out on top or so he hopes… Djsquareddd finds himself trapped in a parellel universe where all he wants to do is sci-fi stuff but does not believe scientology is a thing. Veedo is up his usual dick things from eating chips to talking mess. More surprises to come but you did not hear it from me. *giggles*.

I am bad at this, sorry. 

Ep.72 The one after the party


There’s only two this time but what a mouthful they are going to give you..

Ling-Ling is missing, doing something in the wild, while Veedo and DeeJay squared chat away about their adventures in the waste land. 

#charliethecatt makes an appereance.


This episode was cut short due to some stupid things. Sorry for the inconvienience