Ep. 39 The E3 episode (Nintendo is KING!)

In this episode, your heroes dive into the what happened at E3 2017. They discuss their favorite moments, their hated moments, and the argument between who is the best gets started because someone doesn’t know how to keep their mouth shut. Beer of the week is Brash Brewing Co. Pussy Wagon, straight out of our city, Houston Texas! Mighty damn good fucking beer. All this and MORE on today’s episode. We can’t forget the visit from THE DRGNSLYR!!

Recorded on 6/15/2017

Ep.38 Goten would rather get laid

The boys are back but, Veedo is moving?! In this episode your dudes dive into the new games coming out this year and a few E3 announcements. We make Ling-Ling cry and we find out that we already have someone trash talking us on our instagram, all this while aborting our sperm! In Ep.36 we said the beer of the week was two but they are actually this episodes beer of the week… What was beer of the week In the last episode…?

Ep.36 360 No scope, bitches, T-bag me in my boy pussy pt.1

In this episode, Tam Tam pays us a visit and they get down and dirty with Dragon Ball super, the 8 wonders of the world and, thanks to Google translate we have a robotic opening. Thanks Google! This episodes beer of the week is actually two beers! Dogfish head seasonal Beer to drink music to 17′ and 11 below colorblind red ipa.

The imaged used is fan art for the Anime Dagashi Kashi. We DO NOT own this image.

Ep.35 Bullshit Story Time

In this episode your dudes…heroes? drunks? they play King of Fighters 14, Overwatch 1v1 matches, and they come across a fellow adventures journey’s on YouTube all while talking beer, things, and random stuff.

The video we watched was “How to break a lamp” from NEW NEW MEDIA on YouTube but we were unable to find the videoor his page but search them up! its worth the watch.


Ep.34 Began with potato and ended with potato

This episode the Knights of Hyperion went live on Facebook live and Ling Ling brings his new girlfriend he met at Comicpalooza. We have another beer of the week from Brazos Valley Brewing Company called 7 Spanish Angels. Veedo talks about seeing the Arnold Schwarzenegger. Some stories from Comicpalooza. Dragon Ball Super news. Plans for ITunes. Stories of our paranormal experiences and hunting for ghosts. Veedo joins the league of villains.

Ep.33 How old were you when you were twelve?

In this episode, the guys talk a lot about movies, movie trailers, new stand up by Tracey Morgan, and veedo talks about the inner struggle he has been dealing with and how he has been fighting it. The very first ever surprise topic of the week! And!!! The very first ever beer of the week segment all this and more on this episode of knights of hyperion


recorded on 5/9/2017


This weeks beer of the week is Veritgo IPA by Noble Rey brewing co from Dallas, TX

Nice 10% with robust hops and full of flavor.