Ep.33 How old were you when you were twelve?

In this episode, the guys talk a lot about movies, movie trailers, new stand up by Tracey Morgan, and veedo talks about the inner struggle he has been dealing with and how he has been fighting it. The very first ever surprise topic of the week! And!!! The very first ever beer of the week segment all this and more on this episode of knights of hyperion


recorded on 5/9/2017


This weeks beer of the week is Veritgo IPA by Noble Rey brewing co from Dallas, TX

Nice 10% with robust hops and full of flavor.

Ep.31 Ling-Ling has no sympathy for old women

We discover that Ling-Ling doesn’t care about the elderly

Recorded on 4/18/17


Hey guys! Thanks for listening and putting up with our lazy bullshit and then getting bombarded with new episodes back to back. We have been brainstorming up ideas for a new special episode for all of you. On a special note, We decided to create a Discord to be able to interact with active listeners, this means you’ll be able to ask us question, state your opinion, say whatever the fuck you want to us while we record. We all thought it would be a fun way to get your input on the show.

To get on our discord send us a email and we’ll send you the code to join. In the email please insert Discord in the subject and state your discord username and let us know you want in. You can find our email information in the links above or right here! kohpodcast@gmail.com in case you don’t feel like scrolling back up. who does? I don’t. Fuck that. I’m already down here reading all of this and you expect me to go back up to the top? Fuck you. Anyways, thanks again everyone! We hope to hear from you guys on Discord!

Ep.30 Matsuri pt.2 Jail broken British

This is the second part of our three day adventure of Anime Matsuri 2017!

In this episode your heroes get amped up about the rave happening at Matsuri and they also have a surprise visit (but you cant hardly hear them). They also discuss a little something called Hentai fest that happens every year at Anime Matsuri.

We’ll see all of you again next year at Anime Matsuri 2018!!

Recorded on 4/8/2017